Victoria BC

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West Chilcotin Forest Products had evaluated the status quo in safety to prepare for safety program change. The analysis showed that there were issues with regulatory compliance and implementation of the safety program.  Armed with this information, the organization called on Allman Safety Consulting Corp. to help design and implement a compliant safety strategy that would build on the strengths of the organization.

Completed to Date

A safety system has been developed that meets the requirements of this organization and WorkSafeBC.   The safety committee is now in place.  They have developed terms of reference and have been trained in hazard identification.  The organization has documented existing workplace mechanical hazards and has corrected these hazards.  The organization is working with their safety committee and revising their safe work procedures.


When the Chemainus sawmill was faced with a dangerous lack of guarding in a difficult area of the mill they called on Allman Safety Consulting Corp. to help them solve the problem. The day after they made the phone call, they had a retractable guard designed by their own millwrights in place and the problem was solved.

When Weyerhaeuser saw their costs and liabilities spiralling out of control in the silviculture sector on Vancouver Island, they decided to take a proactive approach to contracting. Allman Safety Consulting Corp. designed and implemented a program with them and their contractors to reduce accident rates.


Coulson Forest Products has been a fast-growing and influential company in the helicopter logging sector. Facing significant cost pressure due to accidents, and the fact that WorkSafeBC was focusing attention on their activities, they contracted with Allman Safety Consulting Corp.

By implementing a program that fit within the culture of their organization and focusing attention on "safe production", Coulson Forest products reduced their accident rate by 80 percent in the first year. They went on to work one year accident free, a record unheard-of in the helicopter logging sector.


The British Columbia Ministry of Forests hires a number of seasonal workers each year to help fight wildfires in the province. They found that their accident investigation techniques were not allowing them to pinpoint root causes for accidents and prevent recurrence.

Allman Safety Consulting Corp. developed and presented a two-day training course on accident causation and investigation. As a result of that course, supervisors and safety committee members have the skills and confidence to investigate accidents efficiently and effectively. The result has been a marked improvement in their recommendations to prevent recurrence.