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Program development

Some folks will tell you Workplace Safety starts with the development of a company Environmental, Safety and Health Policy statement’

The next step is supposed to be implementation of a work place safety plan and program.

Anyone who has been involved in that process knows the process should really start much earlier.

  • Is your organization process driven or results driven?

  • Are you entrepreneurial or bureaucratic?

  • How do you measure success? Is your feedback internal or external?

  • Does safety already appear on your company website?

  • Are you being driven by regulatory pressures, or moral imperatives?

These are just a few of the questions that you know the answer to. If your safety program does not fit your culture, it can be a shiny jewel languishing in a cupboard.

Allman Safety Consulting does not believe that the safety tail can or should  wag the corporate dog. Let us help you to build a program that meets your needs and will result in sustainable safety success.

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