Victoria BC

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The Alberni Specialties mill has achieved excellent safety results with their workforce. When they decided to expand their program to include their contractors, they called on Allman Safety Consulting Corp to help design and implement a system for contractor co-ordination during shutdowns.

Prejob hazard identification is completed prior to the shutdown. Contractors are informed of the hazards and how to avoid them. Written procedures are required for work that contractors will undertake that is unusual for the mill.

Once instituted, the program expanded to include a new way to identify hazards that required lockout. The result has been an overwhelming success. The last-maintenance shutdown of the mill was completed with only one first-aid incident to a contractor.


When Howe Sound Pulp and Paper wanted to update their inventory of confined spaces, as well as the hazard assessments for all of their confined spaces, they called on Allman Safety Consulting Corp.

We were able to help them upgrade and modernize their hazard assessment process, and then we trained their own site staff to perform the hazard assessments. We provided documentation of the training and documentation of quality control.

They are now successfully completing and documenting compliant confined space hazard assessments prior to any confined space work.